[SOLD] 65.3M SP Minmatar female


(Talarna Blackhand) #1

Positive wallet
No Kill rights
NPC corp
Located on high sec
1 jump clone in low sec(solitude)

Character sheet:

Starting bid 55b
Buyout 60b

* Edit: Acknowledged my greed and lowered the price.

* Edit 2: Not sure how I messed the title up(it read 62.9m) but current skill points are at 65.3m currently(see api confirmed eveboard.com and eveskillboard.com).
Also there is a remap is available.

:parrotbeer: Bring Out Your Toons! Buying Characters Now!
WTB | Female Characters born between 2003 and 2008
(Talarna Blackhand) #2

daily bump

(Maizie Fields) #3

55 billion

(Talarna Blackhand) #4

I’ll give this ~24 hours more.

If this is the highest offer tomorrow at 19:30 gmt then I’m yours. :slight_smile:

(Zazzel Blackthorn) #5

55.5 bil

(Talarna Blackhand) #6

I’ll lower the buyout price to 57b and will accept first offer.
If 55.5b is still highest offer at 22:00 gmt tonight then I’ll accept the 55.5b offer.

(Talarna Blackhand) #7

55.5b offer accepted. Mail sent in game.

(Zazzel Blackthorn) #8

Confirming ISK and info sent via in-game mail.

(Talarna Blackhand) #9

ISK received and character has been transferred.

(Zazzel Blackthorn) #10

Character transfer email received. Thank you!

(system) #11

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