[SOLD] 65mil SP toon - All injected skills @ level 5

She has been my alt character for the last 12 years. Now the time has come to sell.

All injected skillbooks bar 1 has been trained to level 5, and that one is only a just over a week away from being maxed.

I have a figure in mind, but I won’t share it yet, instead I will sell to the highest bidder.
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Sinful_1 1

No kill rights
Positive wallet
2 Remaps
Neutral security status

Password 123

Good luck and happy bidding.

56 billion

56.1 billion :slight_smile:

56.2 billion :slowparrot:

56.5b offered


57 bil

57.5b offered

Getting close :smiley:


58 billion

58bil accepted :smiley:

Sending ISK and account info now…

Transfer process now started :slight_smile:

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