[SOLD]76m SP Carrier/Super/FAX Pilot

(Raidenovitch) #1

Pretty solid in all directions.
T2 Triage
All fighter skills V
Positive Wallet
No Killrights
In Amarr


b/o - 67b

(TypingTot) #2

Where did you get that hood from?

(Perpetualed) #3

62 billion.

(K'hazar) #4

67 bill

(Raidenovitch) #5

67b accepted as buyout. Send isk and account details.

(K'hazar) #6

ok, i’ll send it in 1 hour. wait please

(K'hazar) #7

isks and account name sent

(Raidenovitch) #8

Character transfer started.

(K'hazar) #9

character recieved. thanks.

close theme

(system) #10

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