SOLD 8.5 mil SP char for sale!

Hello I am for sale!
I am a 8.5 mil SP nice starter char.
Amarr cruiser to lvl5
Lasers well trained to t2 lasers.
Oh well just look at me here:

Give me a nice bid :grinning:

5 billion

5.5B offer

6b offered

6.1b offer

Make it 6.5 and we have a deal :blush:

6.5b offer

logging in now thanks Cobra Commander

Isk and account details sent Thank you

Will start character transfer asap when you transferred 6.5 bil. Around dinner time here so it might take a couple of hours😊 @XShadow4X_Coors

Transfer is underway, will take 10 hours for security reasons.

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