SOLD - 8.7m SP Orca Pilot

Still in starter NPC corp.

Pos Wallet
Pos Sec Status
+4 Standard Implants

Sale ends in 24 hours or until an acceptable offer has been made.
Starting: 5bn
B/O: None

I’ll start you off at 5b

5.5b There you go

6 bil bid

Offer 6.5Bil

Just got on, I will accept your offer, Baby Fark McGeezaxs for 6.5bn ISK. Please send ISK and info in-game.

Perfect, thanks. I’m just in work at the moment, I’ll send the ISK in about four hours. If that’s okay with yourself.

It’s fine. I will try to wake up a bit earlier today to get the transfer started. About to be crashing out for the night.

That’s perfect, ISK and account name sent in-game.

Character Transfer paid

Character transfer email received!

Character received!
Pleasure doing business with you!

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