[SOLD] 94m Caldari/Amarr mission runner


Golem and Paladin pilot. Was working towards Vargur but recently extracted out all Minmatar skills.

Magic 14: 100%
Spaceship Command: 16.9m
Gunnery: 12m
Missiles: 14m
Partial crystal implant set on a clone.

7.8 effective Caldari State and 7.2 effective Amarr Empire standing.

Asking 90b

I can offer 80b

Would you be willing to meet in the middle at 85b?

82 B offer. ISK ready.

Yes sure 85 it is I will send isk and account details now

Online now, can initiate transfer after receiving.

Are you still buying? Been waiting on the char for 2 hours now… have real things to do.

Sold ?

sorry I was out, sending details now

ISK received, character transfer initiated, will be complete in 10 hours at 730 UTC.