SOLD Abysal Cormacks Mag Field Stab


asking 15 bil

dps bonus is 31.4%

Yes i know you can probably reach this with a max rolled fed navy but this was made from a cormacks, making it considerably rare and the original item costed 10.5 bil.

Why bother paying that much, you can get near that with faction roles, for well below 3b, why waste 10-12b.

because people who fly AT ships dont settle for second best

See if you read my post you will notice i adressed your concern, yes you can just buy one from unstable and faction, but the beat dps one on the market is at 30% damage bonus, making this better, and its an improvement on an already expensive module, i am only asking a small amount over its base cost, nor something ridiculous like 30bil

top the top :smiley:


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