Sold and paid for
DOB 2006

NPC Corp
Docked in HS
Pos wallet
No killrights
HG-Crystal, HG-Asklep, HG-Snakes, Genos,+5s .All clones in HS

Start Bid 110B

125 bil

Decent offer. Will give it another 24 hours or sell for 125B.

126 bil

127 bil

130 bil

revised to 129 bil

Gattanera, pls send isk 131B and account info to transfer Sigma Epsilon. TY

edit : Gattanera has isk flow issues so the next in line gets to buy this char.

TxivYawg1, pls send isk 130B and account info to transfer Sigma Epsilon. TY

`I am now a buyer at 129 bil, no ISK flow issues.

Txi is not responding, Gattanera, check your ingame mail pls.

Last try on Gattenera, pls send 129B isk and account info

OK, will be sending when I get home.

Rdy when you are !

ISK received, char transfer by plex/ticket underway.

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