Sold and transferred

(Little Melissa McMean) #1

sold and transferred

(Captainamazing) #2

3.6B bo

(Little Melissa McMean) #3

do the math mate, if I injected her to this many skills it would cost 8b, I didn’t do that, she is a free range toon, so 3 months sub fees, skill books, implants etc and shipping costs, puts her at about 5.5b which is a very fair price, your low ball bid was noted but is not accepted.

(Captainamazing) #4

ok, np, good char

(Sofia Artemisa) #5

Offering 4b. Don’t expect to profit or breakeven on characters you sell by the way, we could probably train up a character more effectively tbh.

(Groov) #6


(system) #7

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