Sold char

PVP character, mainly subcap, with excellent SP and great killboard history/efficiency.

No killrights against.
Positive wallet.
2010 character.
+5 implants (and some other random accessory ones).
98% isk kill efficiency with over 1k total kills: zkillLINK
838,000 unallocated SP.
41+m SP in gunnery.
17+m SP in missiles.
52+m SP in spaceship command.
Full Eveboard:

Starting bid and reserve: 105b.
Sale/thread closes and goes to highest bidder at the end of Friday, Dec 22.
All bids on this thread only, will not reply to ingame mail or messages.

Best of luck to the bidders!

Up we go

Up again

107 bil

Ty for the bid Maizie, char will sell as starting bid and reserve has been met. Other bids still being accepted for the next 48 or so hours until the end of Friday, Dec 22 and then Silv will go to the highest bidder.

Up we go, 28 hrs left on auction!

Last bump, 7.5 hrs left on character auction!

Confirming 107 bil.

Confirmed winning bid. Will transfer and sell when I get home in a few hours. Send isk and account info.

Sending now…

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