WTS ☬ Perfect 2005 Character ☬ Zero History ☬ Can Be Renamed ☬ RARE :parrotdad:

• Positive Security Status
• Located in Jita Trade Hub
• Positive Wallet
• No Jump Clones
• Full Set of 5 Basic Implants
• No Kill Rights

This character will receive the ISK from the sale and all CCP Rules will be adhered to.

:arrow_up: Allocated Skill Points: 5,128,705 and rising. :arrow_up:

Age: 15 years, 3 months, 11 days…:white_check_mark:

“If you would like to rename your character, please send me a list of three names in the order of preference, so that I can check which one is available and rename your character accordingly.”

I think 5m SP’s have value as well.

What value ?

This character doesn’t seem to have any value except that it can be renamed. I’m willing to offer 1.3b


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the only value = his age + you maybe are able to change the name

When you create a new char you can choose any name you wan too.

7bil b/o


10b b/o

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Accepted, Send ISK and account details.

I was happy to buy this last week, but when I asked the Game Mods to confirm the process, they said they could not guarantee a name change after the transfer. You should ask, maybe you get a different answer.

Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

ISK Received. Transfer Initiated. Thanks.

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