SOLD :congaparrot: delete

SOLD , pls delete . :congaparrot::congaparrot::congaparrot:


still on sale

still on sale , and answered all ingame mails


still on sale , and answered all mails


92b buyout

For the record the above was rejected via in game mail.

100b buyout offered. This is your asking price, so if you could confirm acceptance on here and with a contract on tranquility that would be appreciated.

Private contract for 100b on your way

Offer retracted

yep no worries.

Caedes Still for sale , and answered new mail

Imagine another time wasting buyer. One appears.

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yep and not even first one , last one before melborg dude was like , yo i buy it from you with 100b then i private contract it to him and never heard about him again

but holding At ship is not worst fate in eve . so i am not too bothered ship not selling

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Still on sale ,

Still for sale , and still interested some interesting ships like vendetta or some dank fitted titans



Still on sale