Sold - Delete Please

Dark Blood Capital Armor Repairer: 800m (SOLD)
Dark Blood Capital Remote Armor Repairer: 350m (2 Available)

Individually for prices above or both repairers for 600m

Will be contracted in Jita

1.1 bil for all 3

Thank you, but holding at 1.4b for all three.

Might 1.2 b fit for you?

Sorry my friend, listed prices are fixed.

Still for sale!

Dark Blood Capital Armor Repair Modules Still Available!

Local Repairer Sold
2x Remote Repairers Still Available (350m/ea or 600m for both)

Offer - 500m on both RR

thanks, but no thanks.
100m more and you’ll get there :smiley:

Will take for 600, can claim contract as soon as I get home in a couple of hours.

Contract up

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