SOLD-Expert Leshak Pilot/Legion/Loki/ Gunnery V 37.8M SP

Gunnery Basics V
Precursor Battleship V
Minmatar Cruiser V
Amarr Cruiser V
Cybernetics V/ Bio V
Most Shield Skills Non Capital V
Mechanics/Hull V
Engineering Skills most important V
2m SP Unallocated

No kill rights, character on jita, positive wallet balance, JC on Jita and amar
around 300m on improved implants

Bidding Starts on 35B
B/O 41B

40bil buyout :grinning:

41B offer


If in 12h no one have give a higher offer, i will accept your offer. @Iona_Gonemion

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I accept your offer, send the money and as soon as i confirmed i will start the character transfer.

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Isk and info sent @Black_Alice

Isk received, character transfer was initiated. I think it takes 8hours+

Confirmed character is in transfer window, takes 10 hours :wink:

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Where do you see that? for future reference

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On the character transfer screen, it works both ways, so you can see a character that is coming to the account and when it will arrive :+1:

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