SOLD WTS LESHAK Revelation and redeemer pilot 21.4m

(Operator 21) #1

Hi, i dont use these female pilot


  • Capable to use Leshak and other precursor weapons / ships
  • can use revelatio nin two hours
  • Redeemer
  • Decent jump skills ( can be jump freighter in a week or one injector aprox)
    +5 implants.

No kill rights, positive wallet, no criminal status, is in jita.

Interested answer the thread, i am not reading the evmail.

(Khorilyssa) #2

I am for sale. Nice killboard too.

(Big Gunz Mckenzie) #3

Missing a lot of jump skills and some wasted sp I will offer 15bill

(Khorilyssa) #4

No thanks, your offer is les than the extractor valie, and i need pay transfer. .

(Big Gunz Mckenzie) #5

About the same as extractor value you can only exract down to 5.5mill and you have to invest 16-17bill to buy extractors

(Khorilyssa) #6

I check your historial ad you offer 20 for a 30b character, i think i can get more and you are not making a valid offer and have not an historial of serious offers.

Have a good day.

(Alocose) #7

The character is missing allot of skills to make it effective in revelation and Leshak pilot. It is a decent Redeemer pilot, but that could use some work as well. Overall, it is a nice start to a capital/black ops pilot. I would like to offer 17.5 Billion ISK for the character

(Ritek) #8

I offer 18b

(Khorilyssa) #9

I was waiting for 18.5b, but if nobody offer 18.5 before the @ritek offer is 24 hours old, i sell to the first who give me 18. (in other word, 18.5 buyout now, 18 tomorrow and i sell to the first to send the isk and account name)

Good night for all.

(Ritek) #10

I am interested in the pilot and have other deal On my way. I six you in six hours.

(V3nd3tt4 Amouh) #11

19 billion buyout offer. Can transfer in 3 hours.

(Khorilyssa) #12

Sounds good. Send the Isk when you can and i transfer in five minutes.

Dont forget answer the thread.

(V3nd3tt4 Amouh) #13

Isk and account details sent.

(Khorilyssa) #14

Received, need five minutes to ,ove items to other character.

(Khorilyssa) #15

Transfer Done.

(V3nd3tt4 Amouh) #16

confirmation received.