SOLD-Focused Amarr carrier character 30M SP

I am for sale.

no kill rights
positive wallet
located in Jita
no jump clones
next neural remap available now and 2 bonus remaps

Please start bidding at 24 B
B/O at 30 B

21 bil

Mail sent in game

24 bil isk ready

25 bil

28 Bil

daily bump!

30 Bil B/O

Thank you Kadus 30 BO accepted! I will await transfer of funds and then initiate character transfer. Please send an in game mail to me with the account that is to receive this character.

Roger will send ISK within 12-24 hours.

was going to offer more rip :_)

ISK/mail sent

Character Name: Jixie Isimazu

Will be completed after: 11/16/2017 11:48:59 AM

Thanks very much Kadus!

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