SOLD Focused Jump Freighter ARK Pilot 9.2 Mil SP and Increasing

Great bidding, keep it going :wink:


10.5 B

Brilliant. Many thanks for the bidding.

Getting closer now :slight_smile:

my Absolute last bid, 12B.

If you want more, we just can inject the skill points for the same price.
This offer is valid until 22:00 eve time, then i go and inject me a toon.


angel metro74.

Your bid of 12 Bil ISK is accepted.

Please send isk and account name for the transfer in game.

I will then start the transfer process.

isk and account name sent.

Hi, isk and account name received.

Transfer initiated through CCP.

Fly safe.

Transfer not yet completed.

Still awaiting CCP action.

Transfer now complete.

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