SOLD focused phoenix

WTS 32.8m SP Focused Phoenix

Caldari Dread V
Jump Cal V
Jump Fuel Conservation V
T2 Siege

Requires minimal train to T2 Guns of your choice.

Note: Amarr/Minmatar T3C electronic subs are incorrectly showing to V on eveboard. Everything else is correct.

All CCP Rules apply
No Remaps available currently mapped in Perception/Willpower which is perfect for finishing the Missile training.

-2.1 Sec Status, No killrights and Located in Perimeter.

25b Bid Start

30b buyout password is 1234

25 bil

How can you have XL torp spe 1 when you have XL torp 4 ?

When the t2 launchers were released, there was a duration of couple hours where the specs only required xl torp 4, same for cruise missiles. Unfortunately that does not mean that you can actually online t2 torp launchers so need to train those skills to 5 to use them

26b Offer


26.5b offer

bumps, starting to get into decent territory

27b Offer



insert +1 bump


30b b/o

confirming buyout

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