SOLD Focussed Aeon pilot, 48.9m SP

Starting price: 30B
B/O: 45B

  • No employement history
  • Positive wallet
  • Located in Jita

Skill highlights:

  • Amarr carrier V
  • Capital ships V
  • Heavy fighters V
  • Burst Projector Operation V
  • JDC, JDO V
  • Capital Remote Armor Repair Systems V
  • Capital Capacitor Emission Systems V

38 billion!

38.5 B

Lol, bidding against my own character ;=)

yes my mistake sorry xD so 38.5 B :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like Jade, too, but won’t be greedy. I concede to your bid ;=)

thanks sincerely jade is really like i wish ^^

36 bil ISK

36.5 bil

36.7 bil

bind is on 38,5 by me lol read the comment guy"s

39 bil

39,5 bil

40 bil


Buyout is 45B, if it has not been met within 24 hours of this post it will be sold to the highest bidder at that time.

Winning bid goes to Popo big, closing the thread.

Re-opened as Popo big has not responded.

Confirming 38 billion.

Sold to Maizie Fields for 38B.