WTS 35 mill sp AEON ready pilot

WTS my aeon pilot


great name
aeon ready
HG slaves
will be in HS
all CCP rules apply

starting bid 36b
Buyout : hidden

Still not in NPC corp?

he is

26 bil then


bump! taking offers

We have agreed bo offer few days ago, but the seller has disappeared.
Could you please contact me urgently?

BUMP still for sale had RL issues sorry for any troubles


24 bil


bump bids noted

Still for sale

27 bil

bid noted bump ill accept in 1 day if you are still the highest bidder

i’ll offer 26bil to buy this character if 27 bil doesn’t come through
Otherwise free bump o/
have a nice day

i give 27 bil isk ready

if you agree I’m ready to transfer the isk

Can do 27.5b

28 bil