(GrandPa Jig) #1

WTS myself. He is just an aeon sitter.
Positive sec status
in NPC corp
No killrights
Obviously this character will have 0 ISK


Password: 123456

Please offer up your price, Since i need to put a price ill say 10 bill.

(Josh Shihari) #2

I’ll offer 6.5 bil to start you off

(Arva Tinuviel) #3

7b, to get it going

(Josh Shihari) #4


(GrandPa Jig) #6

looking for a little bit more

(Josh Shihari) #7

Can we make a deal at 7.5?

(GrandPa Jig) #8

can you do 8?

(Josh Shihari) #9

Sorry mate, no can do. I was going to stop at 7.

It’s under 7 mil sp so I can’t justify going to 8.

Let me know if you change your mind.

(GrandPa Jig) #10

ill do 7.5

(Josh Shihari) #11

No worries. I’ll be home in a few hours. Will post on here when I’ve sent. Cheers

(Josh Shihari) #12

Isk and account info sent!

(GrandPa Jig) #13

Got the isk. Will be home from work in about two hours to start transfer.

(GrandPa Jig) #14

transfer going through

(system) #15

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