WTS myself. He is just an aeon sitter.
Positive sec status
in NPC corp
No killrights
Obviously this character will have 0 ISK


Password: 123456

Please offer up your price, Since i need to put a price ill say 10 bill.

I’ll offer 6.5 bil to start you off

7b, to get it going


looking for a little bit more

Can we make a deal at 7.5?

can you do 8?

Sorry mate, no can do. I was going to stop at 7.

It’s under 7 mil sp so I can’t justify going to 8.

Let me know if you change your mind.

ill do 7.5

No worries. I’ll be home in a few hours. Will post on here when I’ve sent. Cheers

Isk and account info sent!

Got the isk. Will be home from work in about two hours to start transfer.

transfer going through

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