SOLD Ishtar Arazu Cyno V 9.6m read

(Character Sheet)

I am selling this pilot. Is the only character in the account now and omega expires in two days, and friday i receive too purple skill points in the redeem queue.

I am 10 hours to gallente cruiser V, then he can when i deliver use Ishtar and Arazu, the cyno V. can use a Mining Barge.

Basically, is all points in drones and requeriments to lit cyno, and the mining barge.

Total Skillpoints: 9,500,328
Unallocated Skillpoints: 3,000
Total Skillpoints: 9,503,328

I suggest deliver friday morning at downtime , for give your the extra purple skill points but i can deliver as is now if u want.

  • i pay the transfer
  • is in high sec - perimeter
  • no killing rights
  • positive wallet
  • 1 jump clone in verite/perimeter with two +4 and other thing i dont remember

If u want i deliver now i can do it, but suggest waiting friday for the omega time here and the pruple points.

If interested answer here, i am not online.

6B quotation

6.8B quotation


2 remap available. Yes 7b sound good.

Re: 7B
发件人:Vles Ratsim
发送时间:2023.09.13 12:11
收件人:Mist layer,

i can sell for 7.2, i need buy implant. do u want it now or the friday ?

By the way if the 7.2 offer is accepted, i create a new thread with private sale, ok ?

From: Mist layer
Sent: 2023.09.13 11:36
To: Vles Ratsim,

7.2 b ISK SEND

ok, i was offered the 7.2 and isk and account received. Transfer ready

Transfer done. Sorry Freighter pilot but i need do this for externl causes to the three pilots me / you / buyer.

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