[SOLD] Komodo and Vanquisher - Amamake

Amamake Keep

Rather sell together unless separate offers are really really good.

What would you consider per unit?

he probably wants 50 trillion


I can do a solid discount if you buy both. EVE mail me or reach out on discord.

1 Trillion offeer.

i can pay cash .

Yes officer, yes, this post right here.

yes, i can accepted contract in 24h if u agree .
i’ll accepted when i wake up ,hahaha

Had been mail to you in game , 1Trillion cash offer

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1.1T comfirmed ,pls contract to me.

Contract going up.

if he fails i can offer 900b for both

for less than 1tril they will continue to sit until I find a molok lol

change my mind , 1T i can offer now.i’m sry

Items back up for sale.

contract accepted. check it.

fly safe.


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