Sold - Levi/Ragnarok pilot

I am for sale. Menina Davaca

Date of Birth: 2010-01-31
Skill Points: 153,477,872

(Almost) Perfect Levi/Ragnarok pilot. Training Minimatar Titan 5 now.
All the important stuff at 5.
also fly’s most coalition doctrines if not all.

Positive wallet. Located in HiSec.

Bids start at 90b
Buy out: 110b

All CCP rules apply.

Bid only in this thread.
I will not answer ingame mail.

Lets see the colour of your isk!

I will BIN your character for 110b. Please confirm, I can send the isk now.


I’ll take that.
She is logged in and ready.

Please accept the chat inv.


Isk and account info sent, please confirm.

Confirmed … Isk Recieved

Character transferred.

Received transfer email, thank you kindly sir.

Thanks for a smooth transfer.

Good luck bud!

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