SOLD Missile pilot / Barge V / DST with FW reputation 10.4m

I m for sale, nice name

i am in high sec, not killing rights, positive wallet, all ccp rules apply.

  • Cyber V with 2 implants +5
  • 3 millions points in Missile
  • Caldari Frigate V
  • Barge IV
  • Tribal Liberation Force 4.0999 without standings.

If interested answer here, i am not reading the eve mail

I’ll start the bidding at 3 B

Daily bump

5b offer


Sold send the isk and account name and i transfer.

cool, thanks for the quick response. I’m on my phone right now, ill do it first thing in the morning. ~ 8 hours.

Ok, please answer the thread when you sent the isk and account name =). I go to sleep now.

isk and info sent, check wallet tx details for account name

Transfer done, please confirm when you receive the CCP real world mail, or the character.


mail received, ty

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