SOLD - Multiple Nightmare Pilots - 6m SP

Greetings. I am currently selling myself and 7 others so a total of 8 toons for sale!

For a quicker response, please contact my alt: Imperial Army

6m SP give or take depending on which character with another 60k unspent.

There were 12 or 13, now there is only 8 and here they are so take your pick:

Starting bid: 4.5b per character
Reserve: hidden
Buyout: 6b per character

If you want them all then contact me fast! I could probably do a bulk discount.

Happy Bidding!!!

As per the rules, I consent and I am up for sale!

This is true. I am up for sale!

I concur that I am for sale!

I declare this to be true. I am for sale!

Present. I am up for sale!

Anyone interested? This post is legit. I am up for sale!

Here. Don’t forget me. I am for sale also!

Leona LeBlanc 4.5b offer

Offer under consideration. Awaiting further offers.

4.5b Lissandra Leblanc

send you mail ingame

4.8b for Elisa and Ahri each.

Replied to your mail.

Very tempting. A little more time and I will probably cave in and accept.

Well i’ll have to go attend a funeral but can be online in about 6-8h If you want to cave in then and get the money then :wink:

lol… You should try to be more original when naming your characters instead of copying them from League of Legends

Haha, this was for Nightmare. I had a family of toons just as large all named some variation of Shagwell if I recall.

Interested in any of them? Maybe all of them?

40B for all of them.

ACCEPTED!!! Please mail the details very carefully where you want each and every LeBlanc. Dont want to misplace any.

Once the isk has been received, transfer will initiate immediately!