SOLD - Multiple Nightmare Pilots - 6m SP

(Ahri LeBlanc) #1

Greetings. I am currently selling myself and 7 others so a total of 8 toons for sale!

For a quicker response, please contact my alt: Imperial Army

6m SP give or take depending on which character with another 60k unspent.

There were 12 or 13, now there is only 8 and here they are so take your pick:

Starting bid: 4.5b per character
Reserve: hidden
Buyout: 6b per character

If you want them all then contact me fast! I could probably do a bulk discount.

Happy Bidding!!!

(Leona LeBlanc) #2

As per the rules, I consent and I am up for sale!

(Diana LeBlanc) #3

This is true. I am up for sale!

(Lissandra LeBlanc) #4

I concur that I am for sale!

(Zyra LeBlanc) #5

I declare this to be true. I am for sale!

(Fiora LeBlanc) #6

Present. I am up for sale!

(Elisa LeBlanc) #7

Anyone interested? This post is legit. I am up for sale!

(Akali LeBlanc) #8

Here. Don’t forget me. I am for sale also!

(Furby Scalper) #9

Leona LeBlanc 4.5b offer

(Imperial Army) #10

Offer under consideration. Awaiting further offers.

(Darth Beepboop) #11

4.5b Lissandra Leblanc

(RR Enat) #12

send you mail ingame

(Harold Crane) #13

4.8b for Elisa and Ahri each.

(Imperial Army) #14

Replied to your mail.

(Imperial Army) #15

Very tempting. A little more time and I will probably cave in and accept.

(Harold Crane) #16

Well i’ll have to go attend a funeral but can be online in about 6-8h If you want to cave in then and get the money then :wink:

(Evaldia) #17

lol… You should try to be more original when naming your characters instead of copying them from League of Legends

(Imperial Army) #18

Haha, this was for Nightmare. I had a family of toons just as large all named some variation of Shagwell if I recall.

Interested in any of them? Maybe all of them?

(RR Enat) #19

40B for all of them.

(Imperial Army) #20

ACCEPTED!!! Please mail the details very carefully where you want each and every LeBlanc. Dont want to misplace any.

Once the isk has been received, transfer will initiate immediately!