Location: High sec
In NPC corp
No Kill Rights
positive ISK balance.

M Carrier skill Screenshot as below.

B/O: 35B (ehhh,maybe cheaper)

Confirming i am for sale!

ainokotoba fururi 26B

Your need anohter Price more than 26B,
not my expected peice right now.

28b offer

More a little than 28B ~~ And you can GET JDC4 M Carrier skill character. Also with Ishtar skill.

29b is my best

My will is 30B.
but, i will accepted it ,
Please send me an email to confirm.

After confirmed. Plz send isk and the account you willing to receive the character.

In game offer made and accepted.

Awaiting for OP to confirm here and I’ll send isk and account name to ainokotoba fururi by in-game mail.

In game email confirmed. one more check your recieve account, I will start the transfer process after your send isk.

Confirm recieved all isk. Start to transfer character.

Target user has too many characters.

Plz confirm your account character.
you need keep at least one spare, so i can transfer to you

retreat all the isk and interrupt transfer process.

I’ll offer 30 bill

Sorry buddy, i need to confirm that 29B buyer quit the deal, and not willing to buy this character anymore.

if the buyer quit. i will deal with you.

confirmed, restart character transfer peocess.

Character Transfer process has been submitted.

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