SOLD - pending closure

2009 char with skills to be found here - Mithienders Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

with mining and resource processing skills all at 4-5/5 can use exhumers at high skill and easily spec into orca/rorq should you wish.

Located in high sec, no kill rights and NPC corp. As added bonus can fly covert ops and calardi cruiser V should you wish to do some PVP alongside the mining primary.

Starting offer 20B
Buyout for 26B



20B Offer

20b offer acknowledged. holding out for a higher bid

offer expires in 24 hours.

alright, then i accept 20b. Sent you an ingame mail.

Okay ISK sent and in-game mail sent.

Thank you isk recieved. Transfer initiated. will close this thread in 24 hours once Xfer completes.