SOLD - Please Close

Hello pilots,

I’ve decided that I’m no longer interested in mining and would like to sell my pilot. Here is a link to her EVEBoard:

Here are the highlights:

  • Mining Drones V
  • Industrial Reconfiguration V (T2 Indy Core)
  • Capital Industrial Ships/ Mining Drone Spec IV
  • Jump Freighter IV/Minmatar Freighter IV (Nomad Pilot)

As a bonus she has all skills injected for minmatar carriers/fighters/dread, therefore she is ready to train into a multi-purpose cap pilot!

All CCP Rules will apply, located in high sec and npc corp (API will update soon), positive wallet and sec status, no killrights, seller pays Transfer fee (most likely petition to transfer via PLEX but might just do the $20 transfer).

Starting Bid: 22b
Instant Buy-Out: 26.5

I will let it run for a couple days if needed but would prefer a quicker deal. I’m able to be on from 00:00 EVE Time to 02:00 due to work IRL atm, but I can check the forums to keep up on the auction/reply.

Thanks for looking!

22 BIL

Thank you for the bid, looking for more

23b B/O

26.5b bo

B/O accepted, please send isk and account info and I’ll transfer tonight when home from work!

ISK send

My ingame name is Madraxx, I forgot to change my forums name.

No problem, make sure you sent me the account info as well. I’ll be home in ~2 hours and will make the transfer. Thanks!

ISK and account info received, Transfer has been initiated! Thank you!

Sale completed, locking for preservation.