(SOLD) Private sale of 12.397 mil sp tengu pilot + 10/14 magic 14 @ 5


Birthdate 2011
Positive wallet balance
No kill rights
Tengu Pilot with subsystem skills to 4
Character in Amarr
+3 implant set
No jump clones installed

9 billion isk

Confirm purchase. Sending isk and account name through evemail to JuicyBalls

Isk sent to JuicyBalls
Evemail sent to JuicyBalls containing account name

Shall we start the 24h timer?

isk received. account name received and confirmed. (will initiate transfer within 24 hours)

Transfer fee paid @ 0349 CST US. Initiated transfer and 10 hour wait period should begin now :smiley:

Character received, thank you!

YW. Was a pleasure dealing with you.

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