[Sold] Rag

Sold, no thanks to yall.

My Wife’s boyfriend has been looking into eve, and this looks like the perfect ship for him to start out in.
how many dollar’s worth of plex is “75b?”


You are completely right this is THE Best Ship you can have to start Your! journey in EVE Online… you just have to go to to eveonline.com Login and Proceed to the Buy Plex Page where u can Hundreds even Thousands of Plex… you press on this little nice Picture

Buy it Twice for Maximum DPS and then Claim it Ingame… whenever you have it Message “Legit Salesgirl” she will give you the Best tax Free Plex price out there in new eden so that ur Journay can start with plenty of Billions and the best Ship in the game!

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I can’t believe she told you I was looking for the perfect ship…

shame… I thought I was gonna buy it for my little nephew cause he got into eve last week… oh well…

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