SOLD - WTS 218m sp Awesome Capital Pilot. Female 2006

  • wallet and sec status, no kill rights
    3 improved clones(2 with faction mindlinks) and 1 High Grade slave clone
    remap available now +1 bonus remap
    212 level V skills
    1m unassigned sp
    no assets or ISK included
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still for sale

192 billion

Awesome char
Shame I don’t have enough isk

Thanks for the bids. Going to let her ride a few days. 260b buyout if you really don’t want to wait.



How are you I am a novice
I want to buy
But don’t know how to deal

I have a 7430PLEX

Sell your PLEX,but 7430 plex is not engough to pay for this.,you need 70000+ plex

Confirming 192 billion.

High bid is or was 225b. She won’t be sold for less than that. I will probably end the auction Wednesday one way or another. Today only because I got a couple game mails; first to post 235b bid wins.

Please keep inquiries to the thread as I don’t check email.

235b,I bid and will send you isk in hours.

MoMoSa wins, I will start transfer when I receive ISK and account info. Thanks

Isk and account send.:kissing_smiling_eyes:

Transfer begun.

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