Sold - Own a piece of Eve history! 205m sp

Very early character. DOB May 10, 2003

~205m sub cap pvp focused sp

Empty clone in Jita, Mid-grade crystal clone in Nennamaila.

Wallet will be empty at sale and no assets are included.

1.6+ m unused sp

Selling because I don’t use her and she should be. She will not be sold for anywhere near recycle price. Call me nostalgic but I have to believe she isn’t going to be destroyed.

Thanks for looking.



Thank you for the offers.

She has 2 bonus and the annual remap currently available.

I will run this for 72 hours. So Wednesday. Current high bid MoMoSa.

If anyone doesn’t want to wait, I will take buyout of 250b.

2 more days

1 more day

MoMoSa please send ISK and account info and I will start transfer. Thanks

ISK and Account send.:kissing:

Transfer begun.

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