SOLD Salleing Exhumer interceptor 20m SP

I need Space to do other thing, selling this pilot

Total Skillpoints: 19,969,853
Unallocated Skillpoints: 111,428
Total Skillpoints: 20,081,281

Cuirrently Receibingother pilot can transfer in 10 hours aprox.

Can use exhumers, amarr interceptor

Exhumer IV

She is in high sec, uno kill rights positive wallet, i fi ninterestd answer here, i go to stay outside the house and can check thread in phone.

13 bill



17bil deal´╝č

de al accepted, send the isk and account name and i transfer.

ISK and account information have been sent

isk and account name received, give me some minutes to transfer / contract items to other pilot.

transfer done, shie is in jita

ty have a nice day

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