WTS Exhumer Pilot + PI Skills

(Tatiana Kulkov) #1


Located in Jita 4-4
Positive Wallet
Positive Sec
NPC Corp
All CCP rules apply

Remap available NOW
Bonus Remaps avaialble: 2

Exhumers IV
Also decent PI alt

4b b/o

(Gaewen Taron) #2

4B agreed sending 4B to Tatiana Kulkov?

(Tatiana Kulkov) #3

Yup. Sounds good. Send isk and account info, thx.

(Gaewen Taron) #4

account info via in game mail?

(Tatiana Kulkov) #5

yes please

(Gaewen Taron) #6

logging in and doing right away

(Gaewen Taron) #7

iskies and accountinfo sent

(Gaewen Taron) #8

can you confirm ISK and character transfer?

(Tatiana Kulkov) #9

isk recieved, character now being transfered. Thanks.

(Gaewen Taron) #10

character received thanks for fast handling

(system) #11

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