*SOLD*Selling pilot*SOLD*

49M skill point



Rly? Before bying from him check this topic WTS pilot 49m700k SP and be carefull!!!
And ofc ill use this topic like screen shot in my tickets 0/

you sent to the wrong person, it’s not my fault

Don’t be silly. After reading, people will understand what’s the matter. And they should understand that if technical support decides in my favor a new deal will be invalidated.

the problem is you, it’s you who sent to a character I had already sold. go back the post you would see another person answered. you did not pay attention

You and me must wait. U cant sell this pilot.

I leave it to you at 30b and the affair is over, do not deceive now, and I’ll transfer you right away. after all, the customer service will surely refund you

Sell ​​the same character twice - violation of rules!
May be u and another1 its same person. This is may be a fraund. All of this must first determine by the technical support.
Only after the question with last sale will be end… u can open new 1.

I’m waiting for your decision, and the transfere is not done so … keep me informed of the mistakes it happens nobody is perfect

You can control it too. Use my tickets number( #793361 and #793369) in ur ticket. And you should understand that the answer can take 1-5 days.

yes there is no problem I would wait

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