WTS pilot 49m700k SP

My B/O offer accepted? I’ll transfer isk in 1-2 hours

yes offer accepted


yes offer accepted ^^

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Wait a sec, how are you still posting as Viseria if you sold me the character? 0-0.

rectified I had not disconnected

here is the good nickname, I wait for the isk

Isk sent to Viseria Yagami and acc name via mail. Waiting for transfer https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Viseria_Ilbis

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you can make money plz ?

Fraud with selling characters HERE \0/!
Violated the ССP rules of sale!

Two different people fraudulently sold the character! (Viseria IIbis and Viseria Yagami)

Support tickets about Fraud: 793369 (status: open) and 793361 (status: open).

Be careful in the future with these Sellers.

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there is no fraud, you just send the isk on a character I had already sold. I have contact support too

I sent isk to the author of the sale. He confirmed the B/O.

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the problem is that the forum had not updated, I was still on my old character of the sale. he had not disconnected me…

2 days you did not understand on what character did you correspond with? It’s funny. I don’t want to talk to you any more, we will wait for the answer from technical support.

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all good now! GM EIDOLON (https://ibb.co/eogfie) and GM IX (https://ibb.co/epXHDe) back to me my 35b! And we can to start from scratch!) isk rdy

ok go ? :slight_smile:

oki good go :)=

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Isk sent to Viseria IIbis and acc name via mail. Waiting for transfer :loveparrot:

Oh this situation is funny, I am not even mad, that was an interesting bug on CCP’s side.

transfer in progress :slight_smile:

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