• In NPC corp
  • Positive Wallet
  • No Kill rights
  • Remap ready
  • +5 Security Status

High Grade Amulets (In Tamo)(Current)
+5s Training Clone (In Tamo)

Starting bid: 75b
Buy Out: 85b

Bids or buy outs posted here. It is easiest to in game email me for questions.

I just dropped Corp and am now in an NPC corporation. I apologize for any confusion represented by the character sheet link.

65B offer

Good evening,

Thank you for your considerable initial offer! However, the price has been updated to more accurately represent the value of the character, the implant sets, and it’s skill points. I apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Offer withdrawn.


Good morning my fellow Capsuleers,

The top bid made thus far was by Bloody Palm for 78 billion. The offer was withdrawn as I was not here to make the character transfer within the short time frame he provided due to real life obligations.

I should be around for most of the day. I will be gone this evening until some time Sunday afternoon. There are no standing bids at this time. Thank you all for your time and consideration.

78 Billion

Greetings Bloody Palm,

Thank you for your reasonable and fair initial bid! As it stands you are clearly the top bidder and if there are no higher bids, this excellent Pilot will be yours when I return on the morrow for character transfer!


Character is currently slotted for Bloody Palm if no one tenders a bid above his 78 billion.


Happy Sunday ladies and gentlemen,

This auction/sale will be closed in approximately 3-4 hours if there is no bid above 78 billion. Bloody Palm remains the top bidder and at this point the character will be going to him. Thank you all! In addition, please see the attached image for proof of implant set.

Sold to the fine gentleman with bloody palms! Pending transfer of isk and character transfer following. Please advise when able.

Isk transferred and account sent via in game mail.

Transfer initiated, please stand by. Send confirmation when it has gone through.

Character transfer paid for and completed. Please confirm receipt of your new Nyx pilot at your earliest convenience.

Character Received. Thanks for trade

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