SOLD SOLD - WTS 2011 Character - No Corp History, clean character

(Rissa Kurvora) #1

Selling clean, fresh 6 year, 8 month old character with 55,074 SP - Password : 123

No corp history, only been in same NPC corp since creation.
2 Remaps available
Loacated In HS. Kisogo VII - State War Academy
No killrights.
Positive wallet balance
No jump clones

Starting bid - 2.5b
B/O - 5b

(Votineque) #3

I’ll offer 2.5 bil for Rissa

(Rissa Kurvora) #4

bumping thread

(jemmi) #5

Will you take 3.5 bil ?

(Votineque) #6

Bid 4 bil

(Rissa Kurvora) #7

Bids closing in 24 hours.

(Rissa Kurvora) #8

sold to Votineque

Please xfer 4bil to Rissa Kurvora and mail me account name to transfer character too

(Votineque) #9

Isk sent and Acct info mailed,

(Rissa Kurvora) #10

Character transfer started. Character transferred to account listed in email.

Pleasure doing business with you.

Please close thread.

Sold - Sold - Sold - Sold - Sold - Sold - Sold - Sold - Sold

(system) #11

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