WTS 31.4m SP 2011 Character

(Kristina Yassavi) #1

Hello all,

As per title I am selling this character which has now got 31.4m SP. It was at around 60m before I decided to extract roughly half of her skills for a few of my alts (hence the tons of skills without levels). This is by no means a complete character, but she still has a lot of valuable skills at 5 and can easily be built back up with a few injectors or used for more extraction.

Skill Sheet: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Kristina_Yassavi

Positive Killboard: https://zkillboard.com/character/91317194/

  • Character in NPC corp (ready to transfer)
  • Positive sec status
  • No Killrights
  • Decent empire standings
  • Very low corporation history for a 2011 character

Starting Bid: 1B

Buyout: 30B

I reserve the right to cancel or amend this auction if target is not met. All CCP rules apply and I will be paying transfer fees.

Thank you

(Xan Viona) #2

21 bil bid

(Gattanera) #3

22 bil

(Kristina Yassavi) #4

Thank you for the bids, buyout revealed at 30B.

(zzslavesssss) #5


(Gattanera) #6

23.5 bil

(zzslavesssss) #7


(Gattanera) #8

24.5 bil

(Xan Viona) #9

25 bil

(Kristina Yassavi) #10


(Fablen) #11

28 billion buyout offer. Ready to pay now

Looking for something fast so may retract if i find another offer.

(Kristina Yassavi) #12

Offer Accepted, please send ISK and account details.

(Fablen) #13

Going to have to retract this for the moment as i am waiting to hear back about a different character.

(Kristina Yassavi) #14

Ok no problem, 28B B/O remains available as an offer for today only, otherwise it’s back up to 30.

Thank you

(Xan Viona) #15

28 bil b/o offered

(Kristina Yassavi) #16

Accepted, awaiting isk and details.

(Xan Viona) #17

Isk sent and mail with acct info,


(Kristina Yassavi) #18


"Character Name: Kristina Yassavi

Will be completed after: 6/28/2018 11:33:20 PM"

Enjoy o7

(system) #19

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