WTS this toon :

Location : Jita
Sec : -1.7

185b B/O

120 bill

150 Bil

160 bill

170 Bil

175 bill

Offer retracted.

BUMP, added b/o

185 bill

bid withdrawn

I reached it first - 185 B

so the seller cant take bids past his buyout?

I dont think that is how a buyout works, no. An auction ends when a byout is reached, or when the time is up.

Unfortunately, the seller has disappeared. WHich is not a good sign.

matterall knows the mittani, let him have the character

No no no haha. Im just wondering why a character like this is taking so long to process.

i believe matterall has given up on the seller…seller i believe in you :wink:

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haha, no I have not given up yet. WAiting for response here and in game.

this charachter does not Matterall much to me anymore …by bid is retracted

all yours:grinning:

withdraw bid

done bud