53b offer

55B offer

56b offer

58b offer

60b offer

Tokkoskawa did not reply.

Bidding is still open.

Tokkoskawa did not reply.

Bidding is still open.

I have not heard from Tokkoskawa_Isimazu. I will accept your (Mr Rejuice) offer of 58 B if you reply to me first.

In the meantime, also happy to accept bids from anyone else who is interested.

Bump, still accepting bids until Tokko or Mr Rejuice actually make payment.

I replied to you in PM. Just like I said, I bought another account because I thought I had no chance. Good luck.

He’s yours

Thanks for getting back to me. I was really talking about Tokkoskawa Isimazu when I said I was waiting for payment. Bidding still open.

Sold to Egorpom Fearless

ISK and account info sended to Sinon Nardieu

Sold & transferred

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