Total SP: 24 955 780 SP
Located in Jita 4-4
NO jump clone
Positive wallet
No kill rights
No Bounties
0.0 Security status
Member of an NPC Corporation Republic Millitary School
active clone:
+5 Implants
slot 6: EG-605
slot 8: AR-810
slot 9: “Prospector” AC-905
slot 10: “Prospector” EY-1005

Total: 39 skills at 5

All CCP rules apply, i will pay transfer fee.
Starting Bid 24 bill
BuyOut : None

Daily bump

17 bil

18b b/o

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felipehuang_Vyvorant Nice Price Thank you very much !
Let’s wait couple of days for another buyers

… 22 bill buyout if you confirm till Saturday

Daily bump

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22 b/o

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TY/ Char SOLD to HALAU Tikmal.
Please confirm mail ingame

Isk and mail sent

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ISK amd mail received Thank you very much

In my case CHAR Transfer takes couple of days or so.
Sorry 4 delay but its inevitably

In your case?
im pretty sure its all the same for everyone.
that its a 24 hour period unless you selling other toons on the account

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Russian players under sunctions
So its alternative payment for transfer takes lil bit longer time than as usual/


Hows the transfer coming along?

I created Support ticket #2027669
Waiting 4 response.

usually 4 days maximum
sorry 4 delay mate (its all fcking sunctions)

Character transfered/ Good luck with new Char/ sorry 4 delay

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