SOLD. Thank you

(Pam Odunen) #1 Password 12345

Positive wallet balance located in Amsen VI-1

Bonus has Naglfar Justice skin

Has Min Dread 5, Auto-cannon spec 5, all gun supports 5. JDC/JFC/Cyno 5

Starting bid 32bil

buyout about 35bil

All CCP rules apply

(Pam Odunen) #2


(Spartan YZW) #3

32B isk ready

(Pam Odunen) #4

waiting 24hrs is no other offers ill accept

(Pam Odunen) #5

Adjusted buyout to 35bil.

(Pam Odunen) #6

@Spartan_YZW Buyout accepted, please send in-game mail with the account name you wish you the character to be transferred to/ isk and I’ll start the transfer.

(Spartan YZW) #7

32B isk and Transferred Account info send.

(Pam Odunen) #8

transfer started isk received thank you @Spartan_YZW

(Spartan YZW) #9

Character Transfer E-mail Received. Have good day.

(system) #10

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