SOLD thanks

Looking to sell this character with a great name. I’m looking for 5 b BO

He has scanning skills, can fly covops, interceptors, assault frigates. Has good augmentations on clone. 8.6mm skill points.

Pos wallet, no kill rights, pos sec status

And, here’s a great bio for him:

Most people never forget their first kiss, or the day they made their first billion isk. But for me, nah! I’ll never forget the day I lost my finger. What? Go ahead and ask me about it, I dare ya!

Can offer you 4b

I’d really love to get 5b.

Bump, still for sale!

Bump, first 5 b takes it

4,25b offer


4,5 bil offer

I’ll agree to the first 4.75b offer.

Deal for 4.75bill price*

Deal confirmed. Please send isk and account name

sent :stuck_out_tongue:

Received. Transfer initiated. Thanks and enjoy

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