Sold thx

  • Name: Annage Annages
  • Total skill points: 10,565,077 (256k unallocated)
  • Created: 2012.03.24
  • Attributes: 31, 21, 24, 22, 21 - remap available
  • Augemtations: “standard” +4 set
  • Same corp always

Skills: - Annage Annages

  • Gallente ships and skills, incl strat cruiser

  • Scanning skills

  • Cyno 5

  • Wallet Balance: 1 isk

  • Kills rights: non

  • jump clones: non

  • Location: Amarr (1.0) station

Ill start you with 6b, you have a buyout in mind?

6.5 bill.

Let’s set buyout at 8b.

Thank you for the offers. will leave it for another 24h, then i will take best offer.

Offering Buyout at 8bil

Accepted. Ready to receive isk and transfer next two hours.

Im on it…will message char when transfer complete and leave message here too. thanks

ISK Transferred, 2 messages sent - second message has the transfer to account detail. Thanks

Confirmed isk received

Transfer initiated 04 Dec 2023 19:34

Changing title of thread

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