SOLD thx

  • Name: Krusty The Clown
  • Total skill points: 45,921,990 (264k unallocated)
  • Created: 2011.04.10
  • Attributes: 28, 21, 27, 21, 22 - remap available
  • Augemtations: “standard” +4 set

  • Strong basics and Space Command
  • Wallet Balance: positive
  • Kills rights: non
  • jump clones: 1 (4GQ-XQ)
  • Location: Jita (1.0) station

BO: 45b

can you use this website?

The char has no missiles/gunnery or drones. 30B. I’m then spending 10B of injectors so that he could fly something other than gallente cruisers with t2 guns.

35 bill

Thank you for the bids so far.

I think fair price is higher than current, so keeping it open for 1-2 more days.

Lowered BO to 45b

Still for sale:)

withdrawn as bought another, apolgies

Thanks for offer. Will let it run at least one more day.

No worries and thanks for posting. Still for sale.

Are you still interested Limited Liability?

I will close the auction in 24 hours.

yeah sure I will take it

Cool, we got a deal. Char is ready for transfer.

I wont be ,uch online for about 48 hours, but ready to do transfer after that.

Let me know when you have transfered ISK, and ill try to get on a do the transfer.

ISK and account details sent.

No rush my friend RL comes first

Confirm isk recieved and transfer has been initiated 13 Dec 2023 18:35

Thank you for the deal and your understanding on the waiting time, I really appreciate your attitude around that <3

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