WTS 9.1 Generic Character

Standard EVE Rules
Seller pays transfer
9.13 Mill Skill points
Located in Jita
Positive standing(actually pretty high)
positive wallet

Starting at 2 Bil, will end within a 4 days. Buyout of 4 Bil.

Buyout of 4b accepted.

why so cheap? 5bil

Gimli Gnome Wins! I am still in corp freeze. I will contact you in game for details.

It was cheap as I just wanted to clear her out without deleting. It was just an alt I used for generic tasks but did not want to nuke.

For some reason I am unable to message or reply to you in-game. I have nonetheless sent you the ISK with the account name to be transferred to.


I think I fixed the mail thing. I also have the isk. Send me the account and I will transfer. Make sure you have an open slot.

Transfering, fly safe

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