SOLD Titan/Super Builder 21.6m sp - can fly freighters, exhumers etc

Repro/building rigset w/ +5s
Can fly Mercoxit Skiffs, Freighter, ceptors etc

No kill rights/standings (no pvp/pve history at all, 0.0 sec status)
Located Jita 4-4
2 Remaps (1 + bonus)
No jumpclones
Positive wallet etc.

17b b/o

Whats your B/O?

17b seems to be the going rate

15.5 bil

No lowball resellers. kkthx

Still for sale, no rush


17b b/o

Accepted - pending isk & account infos

Isk and account info sent

Isk received but not got the account name, please resend

Sent again!

Transfer started, thanks

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