[Sold to kandaonile biepao] 17.5m SP Gallente Capsuleer (30 minutes from flying an Ishtar)

(Damian Baelish) #1


  • Excellent Drone Skills (Tech 2 Gallente and Caldari Light, Medium, and Sentry Drones; Drone support skills mostly at 5/5)
  • Missile support skills mostly at 4/5
  • Gallente Cruiser at 5/5, Ready to train Heavy Assault Cruiser. Can Fly Battlecruisers and Battleships.
  • Shield skills mostly at 4/5
  • Engineering Support Skills mostly at 4/5 or 5/5.
  • Standing allows to run L4 and L5 Sister’s of Eve Missions
  • I was using this character to extract skill points for my other accounts but no longer need him.

All CCP rules apply
Positive security status
Will be sold with 1 ISK
No kill rights, no bounties
In High Sec station (Simela IV - Moon 7 - Sisters of Eve Academy)
Currently in an NPC corp

Make your offers

(kandaonile biepao) #2

11B . How much B/O?

(Perpetualed) #3

12 bil

(Maizie Fields) #4

12.5 bil

(kandaonile biepao) #5


(Damian Baelish) #6

Sold to kandaonile biepao for 13b ISK

(Damian Baelish) #7

Waiting on ISK and Account Info for transfer.

(Absolute Truth) #8

ill give you 13b if your other deal falls through

(kandaonile biepao) #9

i will send isk in game in 30 min

(Damian Baelish) #10

I’ll be able to start the process within the next 2 hours if everything is in order, as soon as I arrive home.

(kandaonile biepao) #11

Isk and account name sent

(Damian Baelish) #12

ISK and Account Name received. Transfer started. Adjusting title to indicate Damian Baelish has been sold. Have a nice day!

(system) #13

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